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P.S. In my would, they all were pants

P.S. If you can think of a better name or Cutie-Mark for my OCs, please tell me.
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How to Draw a Horse!!!
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xyr = his/her

xemself = (him/her)self

xyrself = (his/her)self

Proper Noun

Pony Species

• Bat/Thestral: Like pegasi, but has bat-wings, larger ears, & cat-like eyes

•  Buffalo: Even stronger than the earth-ponies, they are really close to their spirit-animal. They have Symbols-Mark Mean
• Changeling: shape-shifters that can morph into anypony they want to mimic them
• Clay: Like a crystal-pony, but controls clay instead, they really like to make sculptures and clay-houses
• Crystal: Can control the crystal & its energy associated with their cutie mark (usually just one type) & make tools like Green Lantern, but only the one that have 2 do with their cutie mark
• Dragon: (actually NOT a pony); they are like big lizards that can breathe fire
• Earth: In touch with the earth; strong, and one with the plants. (cloven hooves)
• Harpy: Looks like a human-bird hybrid
• Mane: Like an earth pony except they can control/move their mane (fetlocks, long tail)
• Metal: Like a crystal pony, but controls metal instead
• Naga: 1/2 pony, 1/2 snake, all scary
• Nymph: A pony made of plants that wants to ... with you
• Pegasus: Flight (have wings, tail feathers); can move/walk on the clouds and control most weather(tail feathers)

• Sea/Hippocampi: Has gills & scales; lives under da sea

• Unicorn: Can perform magic (have horns); telekinetic 
• Zebra: Like the earth pony, but has stripes/markings on their body; usually make potions (and one with the elements of the wold, wind, water, fire, rocks, ... 11 12) They have Glyph-Mark

The following O.C.s are the Villains !

Peace-Maker50% Pegasus, 50% UnicornMagical-Pegasus; She looks like a dove. Her horn is in her wings. She really would like if all could jest make Peace !
She is Towny daughter and the 1/2 sister of HornedHooves/Iron-Mare & A-Dark-ble.

Chain-Breaker100% Metal-pony: He was ones a slave, but the New-Moonracer saved him. He want out wanted to free the rest of the wold, and have it like New-MoonRacer.

P.S. They all are Villains !

The following O.C.s live in Cloudsdale !

CloudBusters100% Earth-pony; Earth-pony; Why is he called CloudBusters if he is a earth-pony?  Will even though he is a earth-pony, he is a Pegasus at heart.  He has a glider/fake-wings on his back, he can move them with his tail & his hooves, magical boots on his hooves that lets him walk on clouds and a special rope that helps him get to the clouds. His colors are Sky-Blue. And he's mare-friend is Silver-Silk.
P.s. He is part of the T.S.-group !
P.S. the races/species that he was born, isn't important nor significant.

Double-W100% Pegasus; He was born with 2 pairs of wings, one on the other, but the top ones are half more forward then the bottom ones.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

GoldPlume100% Pegasus; He is a writer who talks like Jeff Goldblume.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

P.S. They all live in Cloudsdale !

The following O.C.s live in PonyVille !



Gender: Mare
Species: Zebra
Coat Color: Light-Yellow, with Hot-Pink straps
Mane Color: Light-Pink with a Yellow strap
Mane Style: Flat, but a bit more poofy and wavy when she makes a party
Eye Color: Light-blue
Glyph-Mark/Cutie Mark: Blue lines, of a birthday-present with a birthday hat on.
Glasses: Has Ballon-shaped Dark-pink glasses.
Ear-rings: Right ear has birthday-hat ear-ring, Left ear had birthday-present ear-ring

Dr./Mx/Doc. Bent-G.100% Unicorn; This pony is very particular, xe/(s)he is H***/GenderQueer, & a Androgyne/Gender-Fluid and has the power 2 change xyrs/his/her gender and the genders of the other person (if they want). Xe/(s)he can also help homosexual have babies with one & a other.  Dr. Bent prefers being called Gender-X, but you can call the doc He-Drew, Fa'Afafine, or Besu. Don't us he nor she us xe, don't use him nor her use xem, don't use his nor hers use xyrs. 5 years later (s)he fond a way to change some-ponies' colt and main color, 5 more years then fond how to change pegasus's wings into bat-pony's wings and... . 5 Years after that xe/(s)he was able to change crystal-pony into metal-ponies &... .  Later xe got the ability to chagne races/species but that will happen when xe is 65 years old. Xe tried to help stardust, but they couldn't stop Stardust form Gender-Bending. p.s. Who is StarDust? One of them is Bent-G. C.M.
T.G.-spell/potion-V1) Is for actors and photographer, You'll jest look like the other gender, but you would stell have your thing, jest that the stallion's would be very smaller, and a mare's would ... you know!
It only last an hour to a day. You can make it last less or longer, but most pony jest have it between an hour to a day.
T.G.-spell/potion-V2) Is for the experience, you'll have everything of the other gender, you will have the thing and it will work, but it's sterile (untel you change back) and the new parts would be modest, big enough so that you can see & fill them, but small enough so that they don't get in the way nor 2 heavy.
It can last a day to a week, it's well go off when you go 2 sleep. You can have it longer, but most pony don't do it more then a week.
T.G.-spell/potion-V3) Is permanent, That one I can't jest cast a spell, you'll have to drink a potion, and get hormones injected in your body will a cast the spell, it tack between 10 to 60 minutes!
but it tacks me a month to make the rite potion for you (and other things), and a other month jest to make sure that the change is all good, and that you are ok in your new body.
The new body parts would start small (on the first day), but during the moth they'll grow to the rite size for your new body. (so that you can start getting used to them)
p.s. Yes, the doc looks like the guys who sings. 
P.S.  Besu form Indonesia, He-Drew from Indian, Fa'Afafine from Samoan.
made with the help of Chat 14.5)

The T-kids100% Unicorns-pony; They are twins. One colt (Turquoise), one filly (Tulip), they are the younger siblins of Bent-G.. and let's jest say.. they... ones they want by the name of the other.
Read more about them in "by a other name"

Bianca100% Earth-pony; She ones was called Serge, before being called Bianca.  She loves canneberge -jam and compote of atoca.  When she was single living in Manehattan and a stallion hited on her, she would immediately tell them that she ones was a stallion.  Why?  Because she only wants to date stallions that can deal with the fact that she ones was a stallion.  One day she meat a stallion, he asked her out, she told him that she was ones a stallion.  He thought that she was joking, thinking that no mare that beautifully sexy couldn’t be a stallion at one point.  They dated for two years and half, on the night that he was planning to propose, they past SketchPad, who told Bianca that the next T.P.M. meeting was pouched back a week.  Bianca’s colt-friend realised that she wasn’t joking and started to live, when he looked back he didn’t see a crying stallion, he saw a beautiful mare crying.  He went back to her, and dated her for 6 more month and realised that.. he doesn’t care that she was ones a stallion, he loves her for who she is.. NOW!
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant. but still have to be transgender.
Lyrics: Original-Lyrics Translated-Lyrics
SketchPad is Tristanjsolarez OC.

QuickPick100% Earth-pony; He is flamboyant & girly, guess what Q.P. did when Q.P. heard about what Dr. Bent-G. invent?  Guess what was Q.P.'s wife reaction when Q.P. came back home?
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

HardHooves100% Earth-pony; She never know her fathers so the role of man of the house was split between her and her mother.  She loves doing thinks with her mother, even girly-things, but only with her mother, she's not into the girl thinks.  When she became a teen, she came out to her mother, telling her she was a filly-fouler, her mother accept her.  She also came-out to the mare that caught her eye, but she told H.H. that she's straight, but that it doesn't bother her and they can stell be friends.
p.s. But is H.H. only a filly-fouler? Or is she some-thing more?
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Rose-Belle: was 100% Earth-pony; She was a beautiful mare, all the mares wanted to be her, all the stallions & some mares wanted to be with her.  But she had a fascination for changelings.  She wanted to be a changeling, so she could fly, do magic and change to whatever she wanted to be.  One day she found a changeling called "Commander" and they both fell in love with one and other.
She is part of the T.S.-group !

Modeller & Buildetterboth 100% Earth-ponies; The are married to one and other, they are both technically Asexual, except for the other (obviously). More about them in there story "( Butterfly Effect )"
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

The T-huntress100% Earth-pony: Lets jest say the type of stallion that & the adjective that she is looking for in her future-colt-friends, isn't... "normale" for a like of a better word. It's not that it's weird that she would dates that type of stallion, the weird part is that if you're not that type nor have that adjective about you, then it's a deal-breaker.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
Looks: Dark-colt with a yellow mane with some baby blue & pink acsents
Cutie-Mark: you don’t want 2 know
Religion: ?, respects Moon
P.S. They all live in PonyVille !

The following O.C.s live in Manhattan !

100% Earth-pony; She covers her main on her face to look like she has a beard.  Though that is what all the ponies say, that it is her main on her face. ;-)
p.s. she later moved to New-MoonRacer and now is dating the resident barber.
P.s. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
P.S. Best on this. in-Real-Life

LegAlis100% Earth-pony; He was born with his back left leg missing.  He went to New-MoonRacer thinking that he would fit-in, he didn’t at first, but he found Eye-Shin and started to date him.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
P.S. the races/species isn't important nor significant.

Sergeant-ThereForOne/Sergeant-341100% Earth-pony; He is blind, but his has there animal to help him, a big-dog, a singing-bird, and a little-monky, he is independed from the others, but depends on his animals to help.
He is not impressed by his own actions, he doesn’t think that your actions are more “awesome”, “cool” or “amazing” just because you are “disabled”.  He thinks that “awesome”, “cool” and “amazing” careless if your “disabled” or not.  

Sound-Sampler100% Earth-pony; He owns Super-Song, the larges Music-maker in the hole WORLD!
He ones was in love with a mare that worked of him, but he didn't tell her that he loved her because.. she was working for him.  but sadly she is now gone, before he could tell her "I love you".
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Ghost-Cops100% Earth-pony; He was killed in the lined of dotty, but it wasn't his time! 
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Inspector-Changeling100% Changeling; He is an Inspector that uses his changeling power to solve crime. He is somewhat psychic, as in if you are thinking of some-pony (mostly the criminal) he will change into him, you don’t even need to know how the pony looks like. He can also sense the emotion of some-one.
P.S. He is never in xyr changeling form.…
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Flower-HeartNow 100% Earth-pony; She was ones a changeling that was lusting to be a pony, an earth-pony.
Song 4:27-4:40

R.M.P.U./The Rainbow-Mane-Pink-Unicorn100% Unicorn; She's a children-entertainer, but she is forced to hide the fact that she is a filly-fouler.

Donut-Steel100% Metal-pony: I think you can guess what D.S. does !

Sherbet-Glow: 25% Unicorn, 25% Crystal-pony, 50% ZebraCrystal-Unicorn-Zebra; He works in the theater, he has the ability to band & change the color of light.

StarShine100% Earth-pony; She is a movie-actrice, star, and the only celebrity that doesn't get herased/chased by FlashTruth. Her fist roles were stallions..? She says that she has drinked the T.G.potion-V1 those times, but the potions wheren't made before she started geting "mare" roles.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Gry-Heart100% Earth-pony; He was born a stallion, he was comfortable is his male-body, but his is not so comfortable is his new-mare-body, he identifies as a stallion (to anypony else then his wife) and his wife is straight.  So why did he get a sex-change willingly? Answers in "( the Beter-Swite Love Story )".
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Apple-Flower100% Earth-pony; During the summer-vacation between PonyVille’s elementary-school and Manhattan’s high-school she want to New-MoonRacer as a colt, and came out as a mare. She is the funniest pony this side of Manehattan, has a blue-pink-white-pink-blue plastique-head-band in her mane, and had a pet cricket named Doodles. In high-school she fond a colt-friend, that you can bet would be great friends with Bill & Ted.P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

100% Earth-pony; Born a colt with no father, he RELLY liked doing thing with his mother. And I mean ever-thing that a mother dauther would do. (p.s. His mother started seeing him as her dauther) But when he became a Teen, he stared a bad eating-habit. He was depressed, getting fat, and letting his main grow long. 
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Tuxedo100% Earth-pony; He is up-class, and polite and is in love with Hoodie.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Hoodie100% Earth-pony; She's a tom-colt that is in love with Tuxedo.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Soft-Touch100% Earth-pony; Gives soft massage
Outer-Beauty100% Earth-pony; She has a monopoly on the makeup & nice close in all of Manhattan.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Mrs. HottenBright: 75% Unicorn, 25% Crystal-pony; Like she name tells you, she is super smart, and beautiful, but yet stupid stallions stell don't want to date her because she was is weird, and nonchalant about her past. But she stell stay happy, seeming to not not noticing what the stallions don't stay. Well, she stell have her modeling-carreer, and her lab.
p.s. She's the hottest & sexiest mare in all the pony-land.
Look: Young Now
C.M.: a erlenmeyer with a flower in it.

LonlyDate/Hélène100% Earth-pony; The only stallion that wants to go out with her, is Mr. SecondPlace.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

ToughCookie100% Earth-pony; Her parents sent her to New-MoonRacer after seeing a ad of Dr. Bent-G. that say "Not acting like your own gender, then go see  Dr. Bent-G.".  Her parents thought Dr. Bent-G. was a Psychiatrist and that "
xe" was going to make there daughter act like a lady.  But like you guys all know Dr. Bent-G. isn't a Psychiatrist and that's not what xe does.  Is ToughCookie Trans?  You will see in " A cookie that was to tough. "
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Trend: 100% Earth-pony; He has a Buck-the-Haters-Attitude, he lives life rolling with the punches, and when life gives him lemons he takes some tequila & selt and makes himself a martini. He wers a gold-chain.

The Bow-Rider: 50% Earth-pony, 50% mane-pony: Earth-Mane-pony; He drives a motorcycle, and wears a Black-bow with red/orange/yellow flames with a Skull rite where the knot is made. Don't you go dishing about his bow.
p.s. What does he do for a living with his changeling-mare-friend ? the same thing as them. The Swift Spear of Street Justice

P.S. They all live in Manhattan !

The following O.C.s live in Zebra-Country !

50% Unicorn, 50% Zebra: ZebraCorn; She can bender the wind and the air.  Her daughter that she will have with a pegasus, can do the same-think, but Wind-Swift isn't blind.

Rock-Head: 50% Earth-pony, 50% Zebra: Earth-Zebra; He is inpolsive, and hard headed ! Makes Kaiju with rocks.

Water-swimmer50% Sea-pony, 50% Zebra: Sea-Zebra; She is come, (most of the time). Can move water with her mind.

Healer100% Zebra; The little sister of Podiny, (Podiny was adopted). I think you know what she does by her name.

the Great Podiny100% Earth-pony; He is a magician that doesn’t need a horn.  He uses zebra magic, because he was rased by zebras.  Ever sense he moved to New-MoonRacer he has been learning and using the other "species" magic.  With the help of his friend FlashTruth & his other friends, and the invisible & pocket cloth & bags he hopes to become the grates magician in the wold. (Even beter the the ones that are unicorns!)
One day he went to Manehatten with a bunch of friends, there he met a other earth-pony magician, a mare! He fond her very beautiful, and full of potential. He gave her his card, (hoping to get a date from her), and told her to call him if she ever wants some help with her magic, don't get it wrong, she's good, but cold get beater.
P.s. He is part of the T.S.-group !
p.s. His Cutie-Mark looks like a Glyph-Mark 

Explorater-Jr 100% Earth-pony; the biological brother of ..., he like 2 explore, but always like to come back to the Zebra-Country, for one certain zebra. ;)

P.S. They all live in Zebra-Country !

The following O.C.s live in Changeling-Kingdom !

100% Changeling; Commander, formerly known as changeling-45202, is one of the queen's number one changelings, that is why he has a position.  One day he was looking for some love to feed the changeling-Empire. He found love, but he wasn't going to share it.  It was Rose-Belle, he saw that she wasn't afraid of him, after a while they fell in love. There was one problem. He had a position, so he couldn't leave the changeling-Empire, and Rose-Belle couldn't live in the changeling-Empire, or could she?

Changeling-45201.5/Cloche-dAmourNow 100% ChangelingEarth-Changeling; She was once known as Rose-Belle. One day while visiting Commander, her colt-friend in the Changeling-Empire, she had to sneak around so as to not get caught by the other changelings (she could see the difference between her colt-friend and the other changelings). She fell into the pool filled with a substance like goop that the changelings would use to change pony-prisoners into mindless changelings that would obey the queen blindly. Luckily for her, Commander was there to get her out, but it was some-what too late, the goop went all over her and made a cocoon all over her. Commander stood next to her the whole time, crying.  But then the cocoon cracked open and Rose-Belle emerged, but now xe was a CHANGELING.  For some reason xe was still herself, a changeling, but still herself. The goop didn’t just give xem wings, a horn, xe forgot xyr real name, what xe used to look like, what race of pony xe used to be, but xe still knew that xe was a pony before, but everything else was the same, but and a new look but now xe could fly, levitate, and change xyr appearance. Xe didn’t need to sneak around; actually xe now lives with Commander xyr colt-friend.  But some nights xe just wonders...

Lex Lingzod100% Changeling; He VERY loyal to his queen, and everything he does ether beneficial or detrimental to the other kingdoms, he will do it if something good can come out of it for his queen's kingdom. He even plans to use the friendship of his queen’s husband with Spark-Storm to make Spark-Storm not fight nor hurt the changelings, even make him fight for the Changeling-Kingdom.

Who is Spark Storm?

Toy100% Changeling; Xe can’t move xyr body, xe can move xyr eyes and xyr wings slowly, but the rest xe can't.  But xe can still change (he mostly changes into a tedy-bear, and a rocking-horse). Xe is princes Cream’s favorite toy.
His song is Teddy-Bear by Elvis Presley
Who is Cream?

Super-Saver: One day xe was look for some love to fed his queen's kingdom, xe saw a filly that need to be saved, xe changed into a clocked-figure, saved her and got a lot of love from her and her parents,  so xe decides to become a Super-hero, so xe can save ponies and get a lot of love from them. Xe is full of xem self.
p.s. I most like see xem as a male.

Traditionnel100% Changeling; Xe is very taditionnel:
He calls xyr Queen, Arcous, even those she prefers being called Chocolate
He disapproves that xyr queen told her daughter her name.
and that her daughter is a Halfling.
He dislikes the fact that xyr queen is marred, mainly because she’s marred Spark-Storm’s best friend, Blazing-Feathers.
But xe is stell loyal 2 xry queen, for now.
Who is Chocolate?

Loserwas 100% Changeling; Loser didn't like being a changeling, Loser saw itself as a earth-mare, Loser could change into that, but it wasn't like having/being the real thing.
Loser is part of the T.S.-group !
Song but isn't the queen.

P.S. They all live in the Changeling-Kingdom !

The following O.C.s live in Harpy-Kingdom !
P.S. there look is the color of the bird they change into.

Biech100% Harpy; She rules the Harpy-kingdom, She can't fly but the bird that she changes into is a CASSOWARY.  She is the only harpy none to be capable of doing unicorn magic, she can use harp magic, but unicorn magic is beater for every-day things. 
p.s. What's a  CASSOWARY.

Mosquito100% Harpy; She is very small, and trens into a Homing-bird.
Her breeding-partner is a sandpiper.

Leg-less100% Harpy; He has 2 wolfs for his legs. He calls them Bouille & Binette. Can change into a Crane.

100% Harpy; She always has sunglasses on & whistling. No one knows why. She can change into, some-sort of.. Bat-Bird (Oilbirds )!? It looks like a bat if it was a bird, a bat with feathers !?

Mistick: 50% Harpy; Magic (Tanager Tangara seledon) a Royal-Wizard-ly clorse
Mistiries100% Harpy; Ninja (Black Herons) Black, but nopony knows
HidinRiver100% Harpy; Timide (Blue Waxbill) Long sweder and pants
BigBery100% Harpy; Stronger (Harpyja) Marsol shirt and pants
ScipingSong100% Harpy; Fast (Peregrine Falcon) skin tite marafon-runer 
LouwdNowse100% Harpy; Distracked (Lesser blue-eared starling) overly colorful shirt and no pants
FabulesFether100% Harpy; Seduce (blue bird-of-paradise) a lovely gane with a V-cut and ...
SmartSinger100% Harpy; Smart (Corvid-Parrot) a open lab cote.

P.S. there look is the color of the bird they change into.
P.s. They all lives in the Harpy-Kingdom !

Other O.C.

: 100% Pegasus; He is yellow pegasus, his Cutie Mark is Pikachu head, He has a Black Mane and Tail color. He has a job in rubbing other pony's bellies.

Tiger-Dash100% Pegasus; She is orange with black Stripes and black & gray Colored Tail and Mane with Cutie Mark Bengals Logo. She is the a Predator and Prey. By time the day comes.

P.S. They all are other O.C.

P.S. In my would, they all were pants

Can some one make a flag for New-MoonRacer, and maybe also Old-MoonRacer.
The flag shod be moon & stars bast, but have a mix of all the Race/Species; pony..., Dragon, Zebra, Buffalo, ...
Old: Darker colors, Purple & Red, more emphasize-mint on Zebras, Buffalo, Thestral & Clay
New: Liter colors, Blue & hot pink, more emphasize-mint Dragon, Crystal, Mane & Metal

P.S. If you can think of a better name or Cutie-Mark for my OCs, please tell me.
Which C.M. to give
Make C.M.
How to name
Give a name to the ponies
Give a name to the place
Map maker
A look:
How to Draw a Horse!!!
How to make the kids



xyr = his/her

xemself = (him/her)self

xyrself = (his/her)self

Proper Noun

Pony Species

• Bat/Thestral: Like pegasi, but has bat-wings, larger ears, & cat-like eyes
• Buffalo: Even stronger than the earth-ponies, they are really close to their spirit-animal. They have Symbols-Mark Meanfeather animales
• Changeling: shape-shifters that can morph into anypony they want to mimic them
• Clay: Like a crystal-pony, but controls clay instead, they really like to make sculptures and clay-houses
• Crystal: Can control the crystal & its energy associated with their cutie mark (usually just one type) & make tools like Green Lantern, but only the one that have 2 do with their cutie mark
• Dragon: (actually NOT a pony); they are like big lizards that can breathe fire
• Earth: In touch with the earth; strong, and one with the plants. (cloven hooves)
• Harpy: Looks like a human-bird hybrid
• Mane: Like an earth pony except they can control/move their mane (fetlocks, long tail)
• Metal: Like a crystal pony, but controls metal instead
• Naga: 1/2 pony, 1/2 snake, all scary
• Nymph: A pony made of plants that wants to ... with you
• Pegasus: Flight (have wings, tail feathers); can move/walk on the clouds and control most weather

• Sea/Hippocampi: Has gills & scales; lives under da sea

• Unicorn: Can perform magic (have horns); telekinetic 
• Zebra: Like the earth pony, but has stripes/markings on their body; usually make potions (and one with the elements of the wold, wind, water, fire, rocks, ... 11 12) They have Glyph-Mark

The following O.C.s live in New-MoonRacer !

King-Kirouac: 50% Dragon, 25% Unicorn & 25% Pegasus: Kirin/Qilin/Longma
• Has a horn, dragon/bat-wings  with feathers  on them, his front legs are dragon and his hind legs are pony, his body is the color if the flag, has a short mane, a hairy snake-tail that looks like a pony's tail.
• He is a Royal-Blue, with a Green with Orange tips, comd like this !
• He stands tall and proud.
• He has a Sword
  Right: Red Pointy Triangle Ruby (pointing to the outside), on the Back side of that Guard a Green Dragon-Hand Emerald
  Left: Blue Shield-Shaped Sapphire, on the Back side of that Guard a Pink Heart
  Pommel: a Yellow Star on one side, and a Silver Crescent-Moon on the other side
• He has a Crown
  The Crown is Silver with gold tips. Each spikes in the crown is shaped like the different hove/claw/... of the races, holding a different Crystal, that are each a different color and shape.
  Buffalo = Brown Axinite or Smoky Quartz = Pear
  Pony = Blue Hauyne = Oval
  Dragon = Green Emerald = Pearl
  Changeling: = Black Onyx = Heart
  Nymph (a plant vine) = Pink Rose-Quartz = Rose
  Zebra (the stripes are Silver) = Violet Amethyst = Square-Stone (Turn 45 degrees)
  Harpy = Red Ruby = Short-Drop (pointing up)
• Is the king of New-MoonRacer, yet none of his parents ruled; his cousin is the princess of the Pony-Land.
• Long ago, before Kirouac was born, there was a prophecy that someone would bring all beings together. That ‘someone’ would need to be good, not racist, selfless, brave, revolutionary, and have a sense of power and mercy. No one thought it was going to happen and weren’t going to stop following their ruler for some guy that claims to be a prophet; however, he received a magical castle that is bigger in the inside, located rite on top of the mountain between the other contries, from the gods up above. The castle was supposed to be his own, but because he is so nice and decided to bring all the citizens of Old-MoonRacer (the town that he was born in) to live in his castle with him. In Old-MoonRacer, all species already live amongst peacefully. And both of the towns are Pansexualsexisme, NOT hétérosexisme! Thus meaning that by default, anyone would think you are Panxexual, with preference, unless you say other-wise. And none of them are Gender-Schematic. Their country's slogan is "Don't be normal, be your self!"
• Even though he is the king, he doesn't see him self better then the other ponies.
Cutie-Mark: A Gold Scale with the Sword he got rite in the Center as the Tower of the Scale, with little Dragon Hands/Claws holding the Chain on each side, with a Green Dragon-Fist in Pink Heart in the Left bowl, and a Silver Star in a Orange Shield in the Right bowl.
• Religion: Moon, respects all of the others

Inspired by a chat I had with hannabeth94! Chat

Hel/Hela/Helsa: 75% Earth-pony, 25% Zebra: Earth-Zebra; She was born with half her face disfigure. The good half has a gold mane, lively-light-pink colt color and a gold calcite ear-ring. Will her disfigured side had a drak-night-black mane, dark-blue clot color and a silver skull with red rupee eyes. And her hole mane is in a 4 brad pony-tale. She is lerning ice baste magic. "even those she doesn't have a horn." She is Sleipnir's adopted sister. (She plandes to make a contry and call it Niflheim, with a capital called Eljudnir. With Ganglati and Ganglot and her both and lovers)'s%…
Cutie-Mark/Glyph-Mark: A skull of ice with snow flacks as eyes
Religion: Zebras-(Ice), respects Moon

Sleipnir100% Earth-pony; He was born with 8 legs and was left at the door of Kirouac’s castle.  He can run faster then anyone, with legs or wings. He is Hel(sa)'s adopted brother. He has a black mane, and a light-gray-brown colt. Image
Cutie-Mark: a horseshoe with 8 holds in it, with speed lines.
Religion: Moon, respects Buffalo-(every one that is a fast animal, and a little bit of the bugs ones)

Fenrir50% wolf, 50% dog; Fenrir is Sleipnir's pet "dog". xe is normally calm, but if you tri to hert Sleipnir, xe will bite you! Later in Fenrir's life, Fenrir has a child Vali.
Wolf-Dog Race 
He's dog-leash is made of: 

  1. sound a ninja makes when it moves

  2. Bearda’s bread

  3. roots of a New-MoonRacer/Olympus

  4. A Buffalo’s sinews

  5. the breath of a Sea-Pony

  6. A Harpy spittle

Jormungandr100% Naga; Iormungand, is stell a baby, for now she can't make you "stiff" nor eat some-thing that is bigger then her hove.
Cutie-Mark: it will be, a snack made of stone
Religion: will be Zebra-(Rock) and the Buffalo-(Snack), respects Moon

Eisa and Einmyria: 100% Zebras; The are twins. Eisa, with colors for fire, starts fires, the Einmyria, with colors of the after fire, ends them. Helsa don't like them.
Eisa's Glyph-Mark: an unstoppable fire
Einmyria's Glyph-Mark: the end of the fire
Religion: Zebras-(Fire), respects Sun…

Loyal-Dark50% Earth-pony, 50% Changeling: Earth-Halfling; His mother got pregnant by a changeling at a party. His father had been disguised as a handsome stallion. When he was born (with the name Shifting-Surprise), the Doc and his mother where surprised. He is pink with purple mane and tail.
All his life he was discriminated, he was a "changeling" BUT he couldn't change.  So he ran away from home. 
At first he thought of going to the Changeling-Empire, but they didn't want his impurity.  But lucky for him, he was found by Kirouac, and was brought to Old-MoonRacer. Because Kirouac was the only person that was nice to him, he decided to follow Kirouac and be his servant blindly. And call Kirouac, Kingrouac.
Cutie-Mark: has none
Religion: Moon, disavow Sun & Changeling 

Soul-Spear: 75% Earth-pony, 25% Buffalo: Earth-Buffalo; He mite not be the smartest, but he is loyal to his king, and the rest of the MoonRacer-iens. He will do all what his king tells him, what his king's wife and there daughter says, then last but not list, his best friend FlashTruth.
He is light-blue-grey with purple eyes, light brown buffalo mane.
Cutie-Mark/Glyph-Mark: his buffalo spears

Religion: Buffalo-(Bear), respects Moon

IrisMatik50% Unicorn, 50% Crystal-pony: Hornless-Crystal-Unicorn; She is a very particular case. She does have a horn, but it’s not attached to her. She can make it float in the air, and make her horn fuse with something to be able to levitate the thing. She can also make her horn change shape (Yes, she is similar to Radiance and the green-lantern) as for now she can change her horn into a sword, a bow (the arrows are made of magic), knife & fork, knitting-sticks, or a pair of wings, but she mostly uses her horn to point to the black-bord.  She can’t change her horn to all of those things at the same time and the things look like they are made of a... horn. She is Purple with a Blue mane and Yellow eyes (like a Iris), a Bowtie, on one side it's has ABC, the other side 123 on the sender part there's a Red-Iris, a Teacher-Skirt with a Red and Yellow Checkered-Pattern and a Orange Teacher-Vest, with a White button up shirt under it.
Cutie-Mark: Is her horn pointing to a black-bord.
Religion: ?, respects Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

HoofCus-PonyCus:50% Earth-pony, 50% UnicornHornless-Earth-Unicorn; She is a unicorn, but she doesn’t have a horn on her head. Her horn is in her hooves.  Because of that she can do mostly what  Iron-mare & Spider-mare can do.
She is a red mare with a yellow & blue mane.
She is Towny daughter and the 1/2 sister of Peace-Maker.
Cutie-Mark: Hoofs with the "horn-glo" on them, that is doing magic spells
Religion: ?, respects Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Bat-mare50% Bat-pony, 50% Earth-pony: Earth-Bat/Damphyr; She looks like a Bat-pony, but she doesn’t have any wings.  At night she likes to go fighting crime.
She’s the hero that New-MoonRacer needs, but not the one they deserve.
She is the color the that night, black & gray, a bit of blue, and with yellow accents.
Cutie-Mark: the one of a dark hero (a Yellow bat, with a silver crescent-moon on said bat)
Religion: Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor .

Farmer50% Pegasus, 50% UnicornPegaCorn/Flying-Unicorn/Magical-Pegasus; xe is, like you can tell, a farmer, even though  xe has a horn and wings, xe prefers living life like a Earth-pony, xe uses its wings only to get a cloud for rain, and it’s horn to know what’s wrong with the plants.
Xe wears a staw-hat and overalls
Cutie-Mark: vines raping around his plow, with little flowers blooming in said vines.
Religion: Sun, respects Moon
P.s. Xe is part of the T.S.-group !

A-Dark-ble50% Unicorn, 50% Buffalo: Buffa-corn; She Has a dark colt, with motherly eyes, a dress of dark flowers, with pockets fold of animal-food. Normally adorable and calm, she can get angry if one of her animals gets attacked, if that happens she will use her dark-magic, to make her animals have the power to defend themselves.
Cutie-Mark/Glyph-Mark/Symbols-Mark: a cute & innocent animale becoming big & strong.
Religion: Buffalo-(the cute & innocent ones), respects Moon.

She is the 1/2 sister of Peace-Maker.

Purple-Music:100% Unicorne  She is purple with only one eye.  Her one eye is right in-the-middle of her for-head and is 1.5-2x as big as a normal eye. She like to fly and play Rock&Roll. She doesn’t like to be called Cyclops.
Cutie-Mark: a music-sheet with half-notes flying in place
Religion: ?, respects Moon
Her Song
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Uno-Wing/Shark-Puncher100% Pegasus; He was born with only one wing on his right-side, and the colors of a life-jacket. He had ask for some magical help, but in only made him able to change his wing form being on his right, to be on his left, or on his back like a fin. One day a folle fall in the shark tank, Uno-wing jumping to save the folle, he was a great swimmer, using his wing like a fin, punching the shark rite in the eye. At the moment he got his Cutie-Mark, a shark with Xs for eyes getting punched. He now goes by the name of Shark-Puncher. 
Religion: ?, respects Moon
ideal from

CrystalFeather: 50% Pegasus, 50% Crystal-Prgasus; She can make her feathers tern into crystal and use them like a kunai!
No ponies knows what is her color nor what is her Cutie-Mark. Tho some say that the ninjas are now using a magic potion to change the colt color to what a shozoko would be, and there mane are the colors of there rank. and more ponies think her Cutie-Mark is a kunai.
Religion: Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.. OR know

Triple-I: 100% Earth-pony; He has 3 eyes, (he weres goggle that looks like night-vision-goggles), the top-middle one sees like all eyes, the left one sees who you are in the inside, and the right one sees through your illusion, for example, with xyr right eye he can see if you are a changeling, and when he looks at Twilight-Sparkle he sees a unicorn and when he looks at Cadence he sees a Pegasus, and if he looks at Rarity, he would see her with out her make-up.
With his gray colt and green mane & eyes, he makes sure that no trespassers nor evil ponies can come in.
Cutie-Marks: 3 eye, jest like his head, the top-middle on is like ever images of a eye, the left one is red & pink in the shape of a heart, and the right is jest like the eye of truth.
Religion: Moon & Sun
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Towny: 100% UnicornHe was born with 2 horns. The top one does all the normal everyday things, and the front one does all the “fighting” and other things that you didn’t plan to do every day. And he can combined 2 spells to gather, one in each horn.
He has Heterochromia-Iridum, his left is blue and his right it green. He has a green colt, with a blue & green mane, with 3 small red streaks between them, like alfalfa.
Cutie-Mark: two gray horns making a X, with the one going form the bottom-left to top-right is in the front with blue magic going around it, and the one going form the bottom-right to the top-left is in the back with some red magic going around it.
Religion: ?, respects Moon
He is HoofCus-PonyCus/Iron-Mare & Peace-Maker father.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Madame-Future: 50% Crystal-pony, 25% Earth-pony, 25% Unicorn: Earth-Crystal; She can predict the future with the help of her diamonds-crystal-ball.
Every "day" before the other get up she makes a list of all the thing the Moonracer-ian would like to now. Like, eat your lunch at 11:00, because at 12:00 there is going to have...
She likes to wear a Gypsy-Fortune-Teller version of what the next "pony or other" is going to see her. And ever sens she meat Bent-G. she has also started changing her colt & mane color to the one of the next "customer". But before that she was cyan, with at red mane.
Cutie-Mark: her diamonds-crystal-ball
Religion: ?, respects Moon
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

The Answers
: 100% Earth-ponyWant to know some-thing, he's your pony.
Has a purple skin, a green trench-coat with the hat and a yellow mane.
Cutie-Mark: A yellow “?” with his green hat as the dot
Religion: ?, respects Moon
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Professor Changeling: 100% Changeling; He is a scientist that teaches the other-pony about the changelings biology and ...
He also  invented a wa 2 feed on the love that some-pony jest lets go, he calls it "table-dog", the pony can't fell it, it doesn't heart the pony and can be done with all types of love and all the ponies next 2 you.
but it's better 2 do it in a crowd. :| (Blank Stare)..
Has messi ornange mare, with a brown colt.
Cutie-Mark: looks like a brain make out of black swiss-cheese.P.S. he is normally in xyr changeling form.
Religion: Changeling, respects Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Father-Hope: 100% Changeling; He is the priest at New-MoonRacer, He will only marry if and only if you are truly in love with yoursignificant-other.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
Looks: He always tacks a respecked a holy aparians
Cutie-Mark: The Holy-Book-of-the-Moon
Religion: Moon, respects the others

: 100% Changeling; Xe prates Buddhist beliefs, and doesn't eat anything, not even love.  Well.. xe fids on.. xyr good..
Looks: a earth-pony with a glod body, and no mane

Cutie-Mark: Bouddha

Religion: Buddhism
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Replacement: 100% Changeling; Xe is said to be the most powerful changeling, except for the queen, xe can change into how xe wants and get there abilities in less the 3 second, but xe uses xyr power to replace a pony when and only when they are too busy to do it them self.  Like:
Your a earth-pony and you have to go see your family, but your friends needs your strength to move things.  Xe’ll change into you, so xe can be strong and move the things.
You’re a Pegasus and you need to move the clouds, but your wings hurt.  Xe will change into you and move the clouds for you.
You are royalty and you have to be somewhere and jest wave, and nothing more. Xe will do that for you.
Look: He tacks a plane earth-pony with light-gray body, and a dark-gray mane
Cutie-Mark: ...
Religion: ?, respects Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Poet: 100% Changeling; Xe loves to write love-poems & poems about love.
Cutie-Mark: A Poet being writing with hearts flying out of it
Religion: ?, respects Moon

The 4 Hooved-Octopus50% Changeling, 50% ...; Let's jest say, for some reason 4H.O. can do what an octopus can.
Looks: Has no mane, and his body always changed like a octopus does
Cutie-Mark: a Octopus
Religion: ?, respects Moon

Mash-Up-Mix50% Changeling, 50% ...; Mash-Up-Mix is the only know changeling who can change to have all the different body parts of different ponies & others, will stell having the abilities of the ones that Mix-up changed into.
If xe has the part.
P.S. Mash-Up-Mix can only change into 50% of said pony.

Looks: His head, body, and ech hofe is a different color
mane and tail is orange.
head is blue
front-R leg red
front-L leg yellow
Back-R leg green
Back-L leg purple
body gray

Cutie-Mark: Looks like a draconequus with the lims poped off

Religion: ?, respects Moon

100% Changeling; Xe is a psychiatrist, using xyr changeling power to know how some-pony is filling about what they are tacking about, and also changing to the pony that the other pony needs to pretend that is there.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
Looks: Has a colm white body, with a colm mane color, and weres a ...
Cutie-Mark: a image of all the emoshons
Religion: ?, respects Moon

Pixie-Dream100% Pegasus; She is (Dr./Doc)-(Fills/Psychiatrist/Changeling) assistant, she helps ponies with depression, and other things.
p.s. She is now a brightly-joyful-girly-coloured-pegasus-mare, with a twinkle in her eyes, and a face that can turn your frown upside down. But when she was born she was a a gry-earth-pony-stallion with a black mane.

: 100% Earth-pony; Like you can tell by his name he is a player! he likes 2 go out with the unconventional-pretty-mare, he's a good listener and always let the mare be figuratively on top. He is straight, but he is pan-curious.
He ones dated a gay-stallion and 2 mares that were born in a stallions body, one before, and the other after there sex-change.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant, but I do see him as Button-Mash older brother.
Looks: Looks like a mix of his yonger brother and his mom, but sexy
Cutie-Mark: a smiling unconventional-pretty-mare, being drone to a magnet (p.s. The magnet had his colors)
Religion: ?, respects Moon
Song  Lyrics  Translated

Mr. SecondPlace100% Earth-pony; He is a player, but not a good one, he is stock getting the mares that for some-reason the other stallions don't want.
Looks: a silver body with a gold mane
Cutie-Mark: doesn’t have one yet
Religion: ?, respects Moon

Conjugator: 25% Unicron, 75% ?; He has a very, very small horn, so you would think that he can't do some grand magic. Will you would be wrong. He has fond out how to use the power/energy of other things like heat, electricity, crystal & others. He has writte a book about that and how to do it.  He is the one who shod Flash-Truth, Hellsa, and others how to use there powers at there max

Looks: had the colors of a bescherelle

Cutie-Mark: a unicorn horn with magic that a sun, a crystal, the simbol of heat, a litning-bolt, sercoling them

Religion: ?, respects Moon

C.D.O.: 10% Unicorn, 10% Earth-pony, 10% Mane-pony, 10% Crystal-Pony, 10% Metal-pony, 10% Clay-pony,10% Pegasus, 10% Thestral, 10% Sea-pony, 10% Naga: E.M.C.M.C.P.Th.S.N.-Unicorn; He is never come, never stays in the same place for long, every-thing most be in there place, every-thing most .... . If you can't tell he's O.C.D. !

Looks: his has a white colt, and with a mane that has a line of every colors in perfecked balins

Cutie-Mark: a sercole with his mean colors

Religion: ?, respects Moon

Bubbly-Biceps: 100% Earth-pony; She is FlashTruth's mare-friend, she is sassy, stronger then him, and larger then the other mares.

Looks: has a silver colt with a tom-colt blue mane

Cutie-Mark: a blue hors-shot in a knot

Religion: Moon, respects Harps

FlashTruth100% Crystal-pony; He is a lite-colored (white, Lite-Blue or lite-gry or lite-...) crystal-pony with a (Dark-Brown or black & brown) mane, a fisher's hat and a orange cote and Dark-Black Sun-Glasses (He color of his eyes are unknow) . This is how he looks
He wears four magical crystal horseshoes, on each of his hooves (which he use has a conductor for his magic). He is also a photographer (his camera is make out of crystal levitated by his magic).  
You would have a hard time knowing if he is being sarcastic, serious or making a joke.  He is very, and I mean VERY cool with everything!  Especially the L.B.G.T.Q.*/L.G.C.B.T.Q.H.F.I.S.A.N.D.P.O.K.M.* (But not mocking nor racist ponies.) But he mite be a bit too cool with everything, he likes to make jokes, but he assume too much that all the other ponies are cool with all things. He likes to help all his friends like Podiny, Daisy-Rose, Speed, Player, Green-Brid, Waiter, &... . He also likes to sing to girl's songs, and other things that would get guys called gay, fagot, or queer.  He has always lived in New-MoonRacer, so he's not aware of the horror in the other places. He flies around with the help of the M.S.P.C. . He is also 2-Spirited/2-Spiritual/Bi-Spirited/Bi-Spiritual , Amazon-Chaser and an aspe (not the only one in New-MoonRacer, but the most well known of the aspes).
Cutie-Mark: worm-colored helping hand giving a camera (with the  free masones logo in the left, the  fair trade icon on the right and the  eye of truth in the camera's lens) to a cold-colored hand
M.S.P.C. = Magical-Self-Poling-Carriage. it's a carriage that pols it sel. It becomes big if there's more ponies that gets in it, the carriage has a 4D map programmed in it, and it's guided by the minds of the New-Moonracer-ian, mainly FlashTruth, because he is the one who uses it the most.

: 100% BuffaloShe’s a extrovert, with too mush energy, she loves sports, liftng her hove up when there’s a questions, even when she don’t know the answer. She’s a very exciteble buffalo, but she can’t get too excited or she’ll become her spirit-animal, untell she comes down. When it’s time for bed, she needs to run around her room to fall asleep. She’s B.F.F. with ShyStone, and a bit more
Looks: she is very slim, has tond legs, and a necklace of her baby-tooths
Symbols-Mark: an animal that has the back of a leopard and the front of a fox.
Religion: Buffalo-(Fox, then Wolf, and a bit leopard), respects Moon

: 100% Zebra: She’s a introvert, she looks to jest sit-down in a corner & read a book, she loves to jest walk in the garding & smell the flowers. She likes to tack live slow, if she gets scard she’ll role into a ball & become a rock/stone-statue, untell she comes down. She would want to be more then friends with FastFox, but she is too shy.
Looks: she is slightly chubby, with a light-gray body and Dark-gray (with a bit of blue) stripes, has bulking light green glasses with sky-blue ear-pises and purple eyes. Image
Glyph-Mark: if she had one, it would be a Closed-Book
Religion: Zebras-(Rock), respects Moon

Vibranium: 75% Metal-pony, 25% Mane-pony: Metal-Earth-pony; He has cerebral-palsy, with some medications & magic-spells, he can make just one part of his body shack. He works at a bar shacking drinks, when he is at the pool, he puts a thin on his tail and make his tail shack to make him self move. He is the best twerking in MoonRacer.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Looks: has a wavy red & blue mane, has a lite-purple colt

Cutie-Mark: a shacking hofe, with a egg-biter at the top, and a drink-shacker at the botome

Religion: , respects Moon


The 73 pony: 50% Crystal-pony, 50% Metal-ponyCrystalMatal-ponyHe was a slave.

Looks: has scars all over his made-colored body, and a uncaped blood-red mane with a bit of a boled spots

Cutie-Mark: has none, for now

Religion: none

FireTail: 75% Mane-pony, 25% Zebra: Mane-Zebra; He can sate his tail on fire.. BY his on will with out getting barn, but needs to put his tail in water to make shire that the fire is gone.  But he can steel will his tail on fire even if it's wet.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.



Religion: Zebra-(Fire), respects Moon

Samurai-Knight100% Mane-pony: Metal-Mane; Xyr tail is 5x longer then the other pony's, xe uses xyr tail 2 hold xyr sword!
Looks: Is deced out in a suit of armor that looks like a mix between a samurai and a knights.
Cutie-Mark: Can’t be seen, but is said to be 2 swords and a shield, (like this one), one sword is selver, the other gold, and the shield is midnight-blue with a white start on it, and a midnight-blue crescent-moon.
Religion: Moon

Morph-Hooves100% Earth-pony; This pony's hooves can morph into what ever other animals limes, it needs to be biologic, so no rob legs, the rest of it's body: head, tail, and non-existent horn and wings can't change.  but the pony can change it's front hooves into big wings, but for now this pony can only glued.
He can morph his hooves because his mother eat allot of Morph-berry will she was pregnant with him.

Looks: Blue with a wild red and orange mane.

Cutie-Mark: A purple pony’s hove, green dragon’s paw, tanned harpy’s hand, brown baffilo’s claw, Yellow griffin’s claw. Doing this, but doing a star-shape

Religion: ?, respects Moon
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
Inspired by:  chapter 3 Experimentation from Anthropology Story

Morph-Tail50% Mane-pony & 50% Earth-ponyMane-Earth-pony; She is the daughter of Morph-Hooves & Samurai-Knight. Like her father, she can morph, but it's her tail.
Looks: She is the same color as a white wolf, a redesh-orange white-tail-fox’s tail, with cat’s ears
Cutie-Mark: a face of a kitsune and neko cut in half
Religion: Buffalo-(Fox and Cat), respects Moon

: ?% ???: He loves to were dresses. He has the strange ability to change race, form a unicorn, to a pegasus, to a zebra, to a earth/crystal/metal/clay/mane-pony, but he can't become an alicorn, nor 2 of them at the same time. When he changes the part of his body that's going 2 change starts to glow, then a blinding-light comes form him, and then he is changed. He is starting 2 be able to change into a griffon, then a dragon. but not a nymph nor a harpy, not yet.
Looks: Green-colt, blue short mane with redshich-orange strecks, and a purple dress
Cutie-Mark: an blue alicorn with transparen wings and horn, and a magenta mane running
Religion: Moon

Shadow-Pony: 100% Earth-pony; He can jump into shadows and become a shadow.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
Looks: Dark Gray body, Yellow eyes, Black mane with a shad of gray abit more Drak then his body
Cutie-Mark: a White Shadow
Religion: Moon
Song 1:55-2:06

Waiter: 100% Unicorn; He can read-minds, so he will know what your in the mode for.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

Pick-Axe: 50% Earth-pony, 50% Unicorn: Earth-Unicorn; digs holes in the ground.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

PanCaing50% Unicorn, 50% Earth-ponyEarth-Unicorn; He is the king of making pancakes.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Gurt: 100% Zebra; makes yogurt, and raps.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Drums-Brothers: one's a Zebra the other a Buffalo; The are step-brother, with a little 1/2 sister.

Curry: 100% Mane-pony; His mane is made of curry, and he sounds like Tim Curry.

ManeStreamEr: 100% Mane-pony; She wercks at the department-store of parties things, and her mane is made of streamers.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

the Jewelry kids: There have 3 mothers, ones a crystal-pony, ones a metal-pony, and the other is a dragon. p.s. The one who is not the biological mother of the child, was the one who give birthed to that child. All 3 kids works at a jewelry-store.
CrystalMatal50% Crystal-pony, 50% Metal-pony: CrystalMatal-pony; Is the oldest of all 3. CrystalMatal, is jest like Apple-Bloom.
Fire-Crystal: 50% Dragon, 50% Crystal-ponyCrystal-Dragon; Loves to eat all the scraps. Fire-Crystal is jest like Sweetie-Belle.
Melted-Metal50% Dragon, 50% Metal-pony: Metal-Dragon; Was both the same day as Fire-Crystal. Melted-Metal is jest like Scootaloo.

Sculptor: 50% Dragon, 50% Clay-pony: Clay-Dragon; She looks more like a dragon then her father, she can (like all Clay-ponies) bend the clay to the shape she wants, then after she uses her dragon-fire-breath to.. you know!
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Clay-Warrior: 50% Clay-pony, 50% Unicorn: Clay-Unicorn; She can make Clay figures of ponies and what ever, and make them fight for him!
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

Twilight50% Crystal-pony, 50% Thestral: Crystal-Bat; I thing you get the joke.

Little-Daisy-Rose: 100% Pegasus;  She’s cute, she plays with dolls, has Tea-parties, likes to play dreas-up, and has a crush on the colts of her age.  She’s like any little-filly, except for the fact-ed that she was actually born a colt, by the name of "Flower-Ball" (in New-MoonRacer, they have a ceremony, where they change your name, and "Daisy-Rose" is the name that they started calling her, because she has a Daisy behind one ear & a rose behind the other ear.).  Ever sins she was 1 year old her parents notes that “he” didn’t act like a colt, “he” would push all the boy-toys away from “himself”, and grab the girl-toys.  At first “his” parents thought that “he” was jest effeminate, but by the time “he” was 2 years-old “he” started referee “himself” as a filly, as their daughter and trying on dresses when they want in a close-store.  Bing now they saw that there “son” had a problem.  They want to New-MoonRacer to see Dr. Fills.  He saw that he didn’t see a problem with their daughter.  They told xem that it’s actually their “son”.  The parents and Dr. tacked about their kid, and if they would have a problem with having a daughter, the parents didn’t have a problem with having a daughter, so they decided to referee their kid as their daughter, and stay in New-MoonRacer.  So all the New-MoonRacer-iens thought that she was a filly.  But as she got older, she started to feel uncomfortable in her colt body.  She parents did do everything to make her feel like a filly, but her body growing-up like a colt-body does was unavoidable, Or was it.  Luckly for her, before she stared becoming a stallion, Dr. Bent-G. had invented the potion that changed your gender permanently, Bent-G. was quite surprised to find out that sweet Little-Daisy-Rose was actually a “colt”.  Bent tock a blood simple from L.D.R., luck of the Dr. she didn’t go through puberty, so there wasn’t a lot to change, so she could get the change right now, and jest tack a few minutes.  Bent gived her the potion, she didn’t like the taste of it and it made her sleep she fall asleep and Bent put her on the table, injected her the hormones for the change and stared casting the spell.  When she woke-up she felt better, more comfortable in her body.  She thanked the Doc, kissed Bent’s cheek.
p.s. Only her parents, Dr. Bent-G. and (Dr./Doc)-(Fills/Psychiatrist/Changeling) know that she was born a colt.
and she doesn’t consider herself as a transgender, because at no point in her life did she consider her self as male.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

: 100% Earth-pony; He is the coolest, most manly pony you would meat, he likes to do guys things, sports, drink bear, make love *;)* to his mare-friend.  so you may be asking your self, if he is so manly, and into guy things, why did he get a sex-change to be a mare?  He doesn't identifies as a mare, he still identifys as a stallion.  Long story short His mare-friend is Bi, and one night, jest for fun, they decided to try.. filly-fooling, so he tock a one-day-sex-chage-potion, (normally both ponies in the relationship wold tack one, it's called dual-swap-TG-date, but they decided for jest him), every-thing want like any other dates they had, but when it came later in the night and both "mares" want into bed and did.. you know what, *;)* he noticed that he liked it more as a mare then a stallion.  so because his mare-friend is Bi, and that he lives in New-MoonRacer, and New-MoonRacer doesn't have a problem with things like that, and he can jest have the doc change him back, when the doc is free. lol
p.s. If your wondering, no Mother-Nature DOESN'T give him a gift every month, and yes, when him and his mare-friend will decided to have a foal, he will change back to get her pregnant. But jest for a day.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

The lovely couple
: Flower-Planter (Earth) & Dress-Maker (Unicorn) are in love with one & other, but before before they met, they both were dating.. mares. …. ?
Story “( The lovely couple )”

: ; ...
Story “( before she goes )”

: Earth-pony; He mostly seen eating in the corner.

100% Mane-pony; You would think that a mane, expressly the color, wouldn't mater, but for a mane-pony it mater. It maters a to a mane-pony, like wings mater to pegasus, and horns to unicorns.

: 100% Earth-pony; He is a boff stallion, who likes 2 wear dresses. Now don't get it wrong, almost half of the stallions in New-MoonRacer wear dresses, and 3/4 of the other stallions have tried a dresses on, but from all the stallions that do wear dresses on a daily-bass, he's the one hows the most boff, the others... don't look like SnowFlack/BulkBiceps, nor are they dresses that.. "girly" (the most of the other stallions look have "boys" colors & patterns, the rest have there dress mash that they do for a living. Muscles in the other-hove, his dress is the "girly-est" of them all, not even the mare, (that wears dress), wear dresses that are that "girly").
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

OrangeJack & Zarity
both 100% Earth-ponies; What's the deal with those 2 ? Read "( What would my kid call me ? )" !
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

& Spice: 100% Earth-pony; Sugar is sweet, will Spice is a TomColt.

And they are Conjoined-Twins! And the are both dating Double.
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

: 100% Earth-pony; He got this nick-name because he does everything double. Double-milk-shake, double everything. He also can tape his hooves and/or the instruments with two different Beats, at the some time. Read there story, "( How I got your them ! )" !
P.S. the races/species of pony isn't important nor significant.

50% Changeling, 50% Nymph: Nymphling; Being 1/2 changeling and 1/2 Nymph* you can see that she's a deadly-sexy "mare", she can (like you can gees) change to what ever the persona/pony she wants is physically attracted to, but only that.
p.s. She will F*** your brain out, but she wouldn't eat you, but she would eat your LOVE.
*Nymph: Jest think of Poison-Ivy, if she was really a plant and instead of killing you by kissing you, she does you then... she eats you! ya..

50% Changeling, 50% Harpy: Harpling; She not one for the lovydovy, she mostly likes to fight and to change into great fighting-birds.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.
*Harpy: A humanoid bird, that can change into one bird, love to fight, and do not share their emotions.

50% Harpy, 50% Nymph: Nympy; She likes 2 spend her time in the grading and with the animals, mostly the birds.  Maybe it's because she's half a "plant" and half a "bird", she can change into a Cloven-feathered Dove, but she stell enjoys making love, and have a friendly duel, with her friends.
P.s. If you want to know how a Nymph has a kid with a changeling or Harpy, ask mechafone about Orea

Ms Who
: 100% Harpy; She is the castle’s libraren.  She can change into an Greek-Owl.  She’s not really an egg-head, but xe does love the knowledge in books.  She uses her knowledge to beat her opponent.
p.s. If you are not silent in the library, she will launch you out the window.
p.s. the gender isn't important nor significant.

P.S. All the O.C.s above live in New-MoonRacer !

p.s. Can some-brony please make a... "logo" for the kingdom "New-MoonRacer"? I want it some-what like 
this… the 5th image

I gat 9 Ocs! 5 chipmunks and 4 chipettes!


Inspector-Munk: (unicorn) He fats crome, and is looking for Pirate Hear! He look like the chipmunks from the TV show, but can look like the chipmunks from the movies of 2000, he can even look like a leeladebris's chipmunks! He has a cap, sun-glasses, and a gate! His nic-name is "(I.M.)"…

Derick: (1/2 E.P. & 1/2 pegasus) He is "(deaf)" ! He got a watch that vibrates every-time that you say his name and on his watch there is lights that flashes at the direction that his name came! His closes are not some thin 2 tack about and his shirt sais "(Don't yell at me, it would be point-les)" ! His nic-name is "( )" because he is deaf! He is the brother of (Clarette)…
P.S. He don't know that his name is "(Derick)"

Pirate-Heart: (3/4 E.P. & 1/4 unicorn) He is a "(bandit)" ! He stells from backs, stors, and peapole! But he most-li stells from the infrobs-fobecks*! He uses his smoll sase to do crime! He has a eye-patch shapt as a hear! He lost his eye wen a human captherd him, lifte in his fase and spat in his fase! His nic-name is "(Pir-ear)" !…

*peapole that are rases to "(chipmunks, chipettes and squirrels)" !

Doc. Munk: (1/2 pegasus & 1/2 unicorn) He is a "(docter)" !  He can cure you from eny desies! He has a libe cote!…

Cont-munk-q-la: (1/2 E.P. & 1/4 unicorn & 1/4 pegasus) He is a "(vampire)"! He is good & cind vampire! He only drenks the blood of his wife (Cont-pette-q-la)! He was a vampire b-4 he mete her and so did she! Because of his cind-nes he dosn't get weking be crosts, lite, holy-water, galeck or silver! Hosbin of (Cont-pette-q-la)!…


Clarette: (1/2 pegasus & 1/2 E.P.) She is "(blind)" ! She gat a see-in-eye-dog that is a "(chiwawa)" and one of those blind-canes! Her closes don't match and her shirt sais "(Do you want a blind-date?)" ! Her nic-name is "(Clar)" ! She is the sister of (Derick)!…

Claudette: (E.P.) She is a "(Lesbian)" ! She has red hear, green eyes and her faverat couler is pal-blue! She find Clarette sexy, but she ceps it a sicrat, that and the fact that she is a lesbian! Her nic-name is "(Dette)" ! She is the un-identecol twin-sister of (Lana)!…

Lana: (E.P.) She is a "(litol-persin, iven for a chipettes)" ! She has blond hear, brunw eye, and her faverat couler is purpol! She finds Inspector-Munk cute! Her nic-name is "(Ana)" ! She is the un-identecol twin-sister of (Claudette)!…

Cont-pette-q-la: (1/2 E.P. & 1/4 unicorn & 1/4 pegasus) She is a "(vampire)"! She is good & cind vampire! She only drenks the blood of her hosbin (Cont-munk-q-la)! She was a vampire b-4 she mete him and so did he! Because of her cind-nes he dosn't get weking be crosts, lite, holy-water, galeck or silver! Wife of (Cont-munk-q-la)!………

P.S. Bronys! The first race that I put, is the one they look like. and if the are "1/# unicorn" they can do some-magic.
Hae! Friends I have finecht my exames!  and I am grajuaty!

My exame is 2-moro!  Gave my good luke, pleseas!
P.S. Friends!  My exame is the 16/06/2011!  So I am not go-in 2 B on deviantart untill the 17/06/2011!
"(michaellines5683)" has blocked me and lala101fan!

Can you say 2 him that I and lala101fan are sorry and woud like not 2 be blocked!

I gat 2 more Ideals 4 Oc,

1) A chipette that is "(blind)" ! She gat a see-in-eye-dog that is a "(chiwawa)" and one of those blind-canes! Her closes don't match and her shirt sais "(Do you want a blind-date?)" ! Her name is "(Clarette)" and her nic-name is "(Clar)"

2) A chipmunk that is "(deaf)" ! He got a watch that vibrates every-time that you say his name and on his watch there is lights that flashes at the direction that his name came! His closes are not some thin 2 tack about and his shirt sais "(Don't yell at me, it would be point-les)" ! His name is "(Derick)" and his nic-name is "( )" because he is deaf!
P.S. He don't know that his name is "(Derick)"

They are brother & sister!
To-day, I have see and mete...

some "(Art-dilers)" !

Yes!  "(Art-dilers)"

P.S. In canada, We don't have "(Drugs-dilers)", we have "(Art-dilers)" !
Hod I call my self ""Nic(e)Love(r)""  insted of ""NicLove""?
Hod my lo-go be "(" insted of "("
:icon : = :icon NicLove: = :iconniclove:

this is how it's done

:iconcakeplz : = :iconcakeplz:
Frozen Fever Cake - Icon Vanilla chocolate cake Cake Icon 3, Chocolate with Sprinkles Cake Icon 5, Banana and Chocolate keeki :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) Pixel Cake Icon Free Cake kawaii cake Slice of Red Velvet Cake Emote Red Velvet Cake Cake Icon cake icon Cake emoji Pink bouncing cake Kia Cake Please (Left) Ira Cake Please (Right) Ira Cake Please (Left) Lily Cake Please (Right) Cake Icon 3, Chocolate with Sprinkles Cake Cake Icon 2, Strawberry Cake Icon 5, Banana and Chocolate Cake Icon 6, Pink Roses FREE CAKE! :bademoticon: WC-Cake Free2Use : Floating Cake Bullet cake part 

:iconawwplz : = :iconawwplz:

:icongrin--plz : = :icongrin--plz:

:icongrin-plz : = :icongrin-plz:

:aww : = :aww:

:iconderpyhooveslaplz : = :iconderpyhooveslaplz:

; p = ;p

:meow : = :meow:¸

:iconmeowlaplz : = :iconmeowlaplz:

:giggle : = :giggle:

:lmao : = :lmao:

:dummy : = :dummy:

:iconcatlaplz : = :iconcatlaplz:

:iconsuperlaplz : = :iconsuperlaplz:

:smooch : =  :smooch:

:iconhugplz : = :iconhugplz:

:hug : = :hug:

:huggle : = :huggle:

:tighthug : = :tighthug:

:iconfurryglompplz : = :iconfurryglompplz:

:iconfurryhugplz : = :iconfurryhugplz:

:iconaawplz : = :iconaawplz:

:iconfeelingfreeplz : = :iconfeelingfreeplz:

: orange : = :orange:

:icontardhugplz : = :icontardhugplz:

:shakefish : = :shakefish:

:iconalvinlaplz : = :iconalvinlaplz:

:iconcrowbarglompplz : = :iconcrowbarglompplz:

:icondragonglompplz : = :icondragonglompplz:

:iconfail-glompplz : = :iconfail-glompplz:

:iconglomp2plz : = :iconglomp2plz:

:iconsunglompplz : = :iconsunglompplz:

:iconninjaglompplz := :iconninjaglompplz:

:iconlaglompplz : = :iconlaglompplz:

:iconcrowbarglompplz : = :iconcrowbarglompplz:

:iconcatglompplz : = :iconcatglompplz:…

She is having a contest!  Who can make the best story a bout that art!
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