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King Kirouac by Dark-Nightshade by NicLove King Kirouac by Dark-Nightshade by NicLove
My friend drew me this image……

King-Kirouac50% Dragon, 25% Unicorn & 25% PegasusKirin/Qilin/Longma
• Has a horn, dragon/bat-wings  with feathers  on them, his front legs are dragon and his hind legs are pony, his body is the color if the flag, has a short mane, a hairy snake-tail that looks like a pony's tail.
• He stands tall and proud.
• He is a Royal-Blue, with a Green with Orange tips, comd like this !
• He has a Sword
        Right: Red Pointy Triangle Ruby (pointing to the outside), on the Back side of that Guard a Green Dragon-Hand Emerald
        Left: Blue Shield-Shaped Sapphire, on the Back side of that Guard a Pink Heart
    Pommel: a Yellow Star on one side, and a Silver Crescent-Moon on the other side
• He has a Crown
    The Crown is Silver with gold tips. Each spikes in the crown is shaped like the different hove/claw/... of the races, holding a different Crystal, that are each a different color and shape.
        Buffalo = Brown Axinite or Smoky Quartz = Pear
        Pony = Blue Hauyne = Oval
        Dragon = Green Emerald = Pearl
        Changeling: = Black Onyx = Heart
        Nymph (a plant vine) = Pink Rose-Quartz = Rose
        Zebra (the stripes are Silver) = Violet Amethyst = Square-Stone (Turn 45 degrees)
        Harpy = Red Ruby = Short-Drop (pointing up)
• Is the king of New-MoonRacer, yet none of his parents ruled; his cousin is the princess of the Pony-Land.
• Long ago, before Kirouac was born, there was a prophecy that someone would bring all beings together. That ‘someone’ would need to be good, not racist, selfless, brave, revolutionary, and have a sense of power and mercy. No one thought it was going to happen and weren’t going to stop following their ruler for some guy that claims to be a prophet; however, he received a magical castle that is bigger in the inside, located rite on top of the mountain between the other contries, from the gods up above. The castle was supposed to be his own, but because he is so nice and decided to bring all the citizens of Old-MoonRacer (the town that he was born in) to live in his castle with him. In Old-MoonRacer, all species already live amongst peacefully. And both of the towns are Pansexualsexisme, NOT hétérosexisme! Thus meaning that by default, anyone would think you are Panxexual, with preference, unless you say other-wise. And none of them are Gender-Schematic. Their country's slogan is "Don't be normal, be your self!"
• Even though he is the king, he doesn't see him self better then the other ponies. 
Cutie-Mark: A Gold Scale with the Sword he got rite in the Center as the Tower of the Scale, with little Dragon Hands/Claws holding the Chain on each side, with a Green Dragon-Fist in Pink Heart in the Left bowl, and a Silver Star in a Orange Shield in the Right bowl.
• Religion: Moon, respects all of the others 

Inspired by a chat I had with  hannabeth94Chat

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April 21, 2017
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